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Getting some information added to sticky's

I don't want to over step my place here or stick my nose were it doesn't belong. I am just wondering if there is any way of getting some informational threads added as sticky's at the top of forums. Maybe not the whole thread but just copy and paste the reference information.

Member CObrien posted some information in the below thread that would be helpful to future members.

Question Mini 14 series? - Shooting Sports Forum

Thank You
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ive seen a number of people mention that request on the mini forum.

Just to let you know. Ive gotten good responses from Kevin via PM in the past if you dont catch him here.

While ur at it.. remember "whofarted for moderator 2012"
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Originally Posted by whofarted View Post
While ur at it.. remember "whofarted for moderator 2012"
Have you no shame?
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Originally Posted by Jeff F View Post
Have you no shame?

no - when he's not kissing babies he's stealing their lollipops.

typical politician.

He's got my vote
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