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Vendor-to do or not to do? just being honest.

Hello there mods, I am a dealer here in AL, i don't plan to use this sight as a way to move product, I am at my business 7 days a week 14 hours at least a day. My question is this though, from time to time I get stuff in from customers that I have a hard time moving at this location, fro example, legendary and the dodge commemorative lever actions, would it be ok for me to list those here without having to sign up for the vendor status, I am really here to learn, ask questions and maybe help someone else out if possible.

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When we ask a mod a question are we supposed to get a reply?
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Originally Posted by Alaskan Bred View Post
When we ask a mod a question are we supposed to get a reply?
sometimes, sell 'em here
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all the mods left, Kevin is the great communicator. Good luck getting any answer: Insert evil laugh here
"I have no issues with people of all types being here, I do have a problem with the more extreme ends of any spectrum trying to dominate and push out moderates and opposites." Bill Plein
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Are these the same guys who have "Defending Liberty" on the Forum yet have Palmetto Armory as a vendor who refuses to sell to Military Service members unless they get SC ID?

This is their corporate policy. I know because they told me that even thought the ATF says all I need is MIL ID Palmetto won't sell a firearm to me without SC ID.

So much for "Defending Liberty".

How about we have a new motto: "Making More Dumb Rules than ATF!"
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