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Hello/Wolverine Marine here....

Hi, Guys-

I'm new here, and would like to introduce myself. No, I'm not a USMC vet...the user name has a bit deeper reference than branch affiliations. Anyway, glad to be here, and the User CP will not allow me to upload any (size) avatar either, BTW. Any help/suggestions on that issue would be appreciated.
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Sorry for the delay in answering WolverineMarine. There is a glitch in the software, and only the administrator can get into the software to correct. Problem is we can't get the administrator. So we do the best we can till he shows up. caj
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I read this after I sent the last PM.

Like I said before. If you are not a Marine than you know NOTHING of the spirit of one.

Back me up fellow Jarheads.

""the user name has a bit deeper reference than branch affiliations"

What? you think you are a superhero and a servicemember of the most highly disciplined, most well respected branch of the United States Military?
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...there's a few out there. Coulda, shoulda, woulda and all that.

I wish we could police up these folks and give 'em some kinda free T-shirt but time and money do not permit.

Meanwhile, First Amendment rights prevail, and that's what we signed up to protect and then did just that. I ran into a few other beneficiaries on arrival back in CONUS in 1970.

Semper Fi to you "real deals".

Sorry to burden our other real brothers-in-arms with our USMC irritations.
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