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Anyone know of a company that has custom AR Upper ordering?

By this I mean does anyone know of a company that allows you to choose each part, and leave out some parts you may already have or would plan to replace anyways?

At this point I'm looking for a complete upper with everything I want on it and nothing I don't, paying a little extra to avoid having to resell parts I'm not going to use is ok by me.
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Try ASI INC.Go to their website and browse.
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Rock River Arms from their website, Del-Ton, AR Performance (website closed until he finishes moving the shop), Bison Armory (6.8 and .308), Model 1 Sales. They may not have every part you want, but will give you a variety to choose from. The only way to get exactly what you want is to build it yourself.

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I just bought a complete upper from J&T Distributers. The price was really reasonable and the build was absolutely great. I took it to the PD range yesterday, sighted it in with Federal AE223G, made a scope adjustment and proceded to shoot a 1/2" 5 shot group from the bench at 100 yards. Not too shabby. Let me mention that the upper does have a Wilson Air gauged barrel. All this for a few dollars over $500. You can't beat that price with a stick!

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I build custom uppers all the time, or could provide you the parts to do it yourself. PM me if you wish more information. (I don't want to spam).
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Have a look at Model 1 Sales
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I was going to go that route but everyone I contacted either said there not taking any orders or just did not respond. I got my upper off of - Dayton sports (one of the dealers) hooked me up!! I got a complete Del-ton mid lenght upper w/bcg $409 shipped!

Del-ton - not taking orders
DSA - would not respond to emails or phone calls
most of the other dealers didn't have non chrome lined barrels w/ 1-9 twist
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