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New to ARs and now hooked.

I'm new to AR15s but been on the mini14 forum for awhile and shooting for 20yrs. The mini forum help me get my 581 shooting 2-3moa after doing some cheaper thinga but I couldnt see going as far as changing out barrels to get to 1moa like I was wanting. I had been avoiding ar15s cause the pistol grip always threw me off in the store. I took the plunge a week ago and had a Rock River Arms varmint 16" transfered to my local gun shop as they couldnt get what i wanted anytime soon. It came with hogue forearm, hogue pistol grip, bead blasted barrel, and there operator stock I think its called. I picked it up thur and last night cleaned it and got my Redfield 4-12x42 scope mounted with some nikon highrise cantilevered mounts and attached a bipod i had. I was able to sneek a few rnds in before heading to the lake(one of the advantages of no neighbors for 2miles and lots of room). Anyway I'm hooked I was shooting an easy 1.25 @ 100yrds mostly me not used to it yet with ultramax 55gr hp. Trigger is very nice and it balances well I think it might even out shoot my tikka .223 bolt with some more use. Now I just need to get some more magazines and put some more rnds through it.
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Good that it has a nice trigger-all of mine were stock junk,and rather than try to bubba one I bought the Jard adjustable ones and installed-what a world of difference-triggers break @ under 2 pounds.Now we can talk accuracy!
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Its not the greatest not near as nice as my ASI trigger on the mini or my volquartsen tf-17 but a lot better then I was expecting.
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The same happened to me, I never really cared for AR's. I had shot a few but never really spent time with one. Then a good deal came up on a half dozen used training rifles at a range I frequent. DPMS uppers on Millet Billet lowers, $500 each out the door.

I had some extra disposable income at the time and my buddy that worked there as an trainer/armorer picked out the two best and went through them. I bought them as an investment but started shooting one of them and got hooked. I shot the other one just to function check it then cleaned it up and stored it away. They are scary accurate.

Since buying those two I have bought a new Colt 6920 that is my go to AR. I'm still sitting on the other two, I know I will never loose money on them and with what could be coming they might be handy to keep around. I still use my Mini as a ranch/truck gun but I will be stashing it and grabbing the AR if shtf.
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How does the Colt trigger compare?

I live in California so I haven't been able to shoot my Colt yet.
Three more days to pick it up then I will mount the scope and eventually make it out to the range to experience the trigger.
These AR's have so many variables and you can customize from here to Sunday.
I am just wondering how the stock Colt trigger compares to the other major builders??
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Typical 2 stage military trigger, its not bad, better then some no worse then most. I can shoot it pretty well.
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AR is a great platform. I have a PSA I bought the upper kit for and assembled the lower and a Stag model 3 I bought complete. Neither had great triggers but both were acceptable.

I did the PSA trigger on my own and it came out very nice. On the Stag I opted for a JP Enterprises trigger kit.

Like I said both have great triggers now but the JP was a much easier install and took less time since they had already done most of the engineering.

My wife - a shooter also, tells me my PSA with 20 inch barrel and a little more weight than the Stag kicks a bit less. Personally I like my Stag better as to me its much lighter and I'm old and can carry it easier.

To the OP buy a flattop receiver as you can put a carry handle on it if you so wish but you can't take off a permanent one...

If you are looking at putting on a scope, I know it isn't cheap, but the Burris P.E.P.R. mount and Leupold Mark AR scope is THE combination on these rifles in my opinion. GOD I love that scope!

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