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Colt AR 15 A3 HBAR Elite

Bought a new in the box Colt from a very good friend today. The gun was manufactured in the early 90's. He is a collector and since we live in the sorry state of Kalifornia and the gun isn't on the list, he decided to sell. I have a place in a real state ( Montana) where I can use this weapon.
What's the gun worth today in this new condition? I am just curious, as I won't be selling, but using.
I own Armalite, Bushmaster, Smith & Wesson M&P15's, This is my first Colt. I've heard nothing but good about Colt, until my drive home with my new addition. Not bad things, just things that were unexpected. Like incompatibilities with trigger groups. Uppers not & Lowers not being Milspec . Those kinds of issues. True?
I probably won't be swapping out the upper on this gun, I like it as it is. But, if I did want to do a quick swap on it and turn it into a close quarter carbine, would I have issues?
Thanks for the help

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YELLOW YELLOW !!! YELLOW! HEY, ANYBODY ? Was it something I said? Is there something about these Colt's that brings a silence, or was it the way I asked the question?

Perhaps it was the fact I listed the other brands I own. I am a collector sort of. More of a person who likes to prepare. So, I guess I have been preparing. I haven't paid too much attention to the market as far as the Colt's and the used guns go. I was curious.
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Colt's do seem to hold their value well compared to other brands, at least judging by the prices I see gunshops listing them for in my area. I don't own a Colt so I am going off of what I have heard over the years and what few I have handled. I don't know about the trigger group issue (possible that they used different sized pins), but Colt's use to have a block in the lower receiver to prevent the use of a full auto trigger group and they did have a different size pin for connecting the upper to the lower, than other brand AR's do. I think there are special pins made that help you get around the last issue. I think that now Colt may use the same size pins as everyone else. I am not sure if they still have the block in the lower reciever or not, but I have seen it in older Colts.

Nothing wrong with any of the brands you listed. I have Smith & Wesson MP15's myself, along with RRA and Bushmaster uppers, and even a DPMS lower and all these are pretty much interchangeable with each other without issue.
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What Tjohn said is all true-I have a good friend that has these issues,and he can't get a after market trigger group to fit!Personally-I would sell the colt,and buy some other replacement as there all all kinds now that are milspec,and all of their parts will interchange,and shoot just as well.I believe that colt is just riding on it's name,and are over priced as when I was milspec once upon a time and the replacement cost of an M16A1 was 112$US.And back then they were cast/forged,and still worked very well!
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Thank you for your replies, much appreciated.
I will be keeping the Colt, and knowing a little more about it, satisfies the curiosity.
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