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Kies Linear Compensator

I took the comp to the range today.
Here is my review:
I took the Kies Linear Comp to the range today on a 7.5" 5.56.
I've use KX3's, went to a Levang, and now the Kies.
KX3 worked well but is too long, too heavy, and too expensive for what I wanted.

The Levang still sends the blast down range, is lighter, shorter, and much less expensive.

Then I ran across the Kies Master Blaster Linear Compensator.

Compared to the Levang:

The Kies has flats machined into it for tightening which the Levang does not. Even using a strap wrench, my Levang would work loose.
The Kies has a bigger blast chamber area than the Levang.
It also has recessed gas ports which in my opinion, does a better job sending the blast and concussion down range.
The felt recoil seemed to be less than the Levang.
Muzzle rise was there but nothing that was a problem. I couldn't really tell a difference between the two.

I will be changing my Levang comp's out with the Kies. I was very pleased with the performance of the Linear Comp. I had no felt concussion even under a canopy.
There was some concussion felt from the Levang, I believe the difference is the Kies recessed gas ports.
At 1/3 the price and less than half the weight of the KX3, and 1/4" longer than the Levang, I would recommend it as a great option for SBR's.
The Kies Comp is available in Melonite and Stainless. 2.2" long and 3.5 oz.
Dave N
Independent Field Tester/R & D
"Better to die for something than Live for nothing"

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