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Chrome Bolt Carrier VS. Standard Bolt Carrier

what are the advantages of a chrome bolt carrier over the standard? about all I can think of is its a smoother finish so might help with wear. other than that I dont know. give me your thoughts and opinion?.
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Hard chrome plating has a higher Rockwell hardness (RC) rating (in the 70s IIRC). It has superior abrasion, corrosion, and wear resistance; cleans up easier; and is purdy.
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Some say that the hard chrome plating wears the receiver faster, because its harder (higher Rockwell) against the aluminum receiver than a standard bolt. But I don't buy that because at the same time the chrome plating leads to a smoother surface which actually reduces friction, being more non-porous. So I think the wear factor thing is pretty much a wash, but I would lean toward less friction, smoother surface being a better thing, with proper lubrication.
BUT..... that only applies as long as the bolt, before it is chrome plated, was smooth to begin with. If a bolt gets chrome plated that has any defects or is not smooth enough to begin with you will have a very, very hard filing action going on inside your receiver because the defect or roughness will now be extremely hard against the softer aluminum. If going to a hard chromed bolt, I would inspect it very closely for any burrs or imperfections, before using, that might cause excessive wear. After the first 100 rounds or so I would inspect the receiver for any unusual wear. The hard chrome in my experience will help the bolt be more self cleaning over a prolonged firing session or sessions (600-1000 rounds) because the harder smoother surface of the bolt gives powder residue less of a hold to accumulate onto the bolt surface, in a prolonged firing session or sessions.The fact is that the bolt gets dirty in a AR, the more gunk that attaches itself to the bolt the more potential there is for a malfunction. But I think in normal use an AR cleaned regularly should show no difference in function in a chrome vs non-chromed AR. Like Raccol said it cleans up easier, most likely due to the hard chrome plating. That also says to me, smoother surface/less gunk attaching itself to the bolt, that is not a bad thing in an AR.
And it looks purdy!
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I have thousands of rounds fired with standard and hard chrome bolt carriers. I keep a log for each of my rifles.

There is absolutely no difference between them. Performance, wear, and ease of cleaning are the same.

99% of the bolt carrier does not come in contact with the receiver.
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thanks for the insight guys!! I was askin about it because I was lookin to upgrade my bolt carrier in my latest rig. I was trying to decide between a DPMS chromed bolt & carrier and a BCM bolt & carrier which has a phosphate finish. I think I would be happy with either. but I decided on the BCM from all the good reviews ive read from various web sites also they are highly recommended by a friend of mine who used to build match rifles for the DCM/CMP crowd. I liked the idea from what he was telling me about them that he's put them in rifles and improved them by as much as .5 MOA on the range. My BCM bolt & carrier should be here tomorrow I cant wait to hit the range and see how it runs.
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I just buy LMT BCGs and dont worry about it. The cleaning my be the only benefit of a chrome carrier though.
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got my BCM carrier today what beaut.

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If you make the unforgivable error of dropping it in the dark, the chrome one would be easier to spot....

Now a chromed bolt is a good idea. I'd rather the carrier surfaces wore than the receiver.
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Chrome cleans easier
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