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If the AWB goes away then so should the 50 oz, no handguard, .... etc restrictions on pistols.

With that in mind, how would a person go about building one with regard to the lower receiver? What makes it a 'pistol' receiver? Can you take a regular receiver and use? Or reclassify it somehow?

I've always wanted one even though they are pretty much useless but that never stopped me before!

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I'm with you there Green Lantern. Needs got nothing to do with it! As far as "classifying" that lower as a pistol I think perhaps it may have more to do with barrel length, features etc. Ever seen the kit that allows you to convert a 1911 frame group into a carbine. Thats the reverse application, right? Of course I'm approaching this from a logical standpoint. As we all know however, laws[of all kinds] have very little grounding in logic or reason these days.
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