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I am considering the purchase of a Bushmaster M17S. Any thoughts on the gun--Give it to me--all of it!!! I hope to find a used weapon.

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I personally have never dealt with Bushmaster. I've heard the weapon is of good quality but their mags are another story. The only negative thing I've really heard about the rifle is some have extraction problems. This could be attributed to many things, low maintenance, poor ammo. This is mainly with the shorties.

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I just registered to reply to this thread, so..uh..Hello. Anyway, I'm a regular over at AR15.com, and almost everybody over there who has an M17S loves it, some even more than their ARs. Kurt's Custom Firearms also does a few modifications to them, such as installing muzzle brakes, folding charging handles, and installing MUCH better scope rails on 'em. Hope this helps you out. As far as Bushmaster themselves........they have great customer service, and the Shorty AK I had would group 3/4 inch at 100 yds, with total reliability.
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I love my Bushpup. If TSHTF and I have to bugout, the M17S will be the one I take. I realize that bullpups aren't for everybody, though. The ergonomics are somewhat odd, and it takes some getting used to. Obviously, bullpups are not for lefties. The single biggest problem is the trigger pull. Since it uses an extended linkage, this can bind a bit. A good cleaning and oil (not grease!) will help here.
The only magazine problem I'm aware of is that Bushmasters don't like the synthetic mags. They are usually too big to fit the magwell. I have six 30-round GI mags (from 5 manufacturers) that all work perfectly.
Fitting a scope can be tricky, in regard to getting the proper eye-relief and cheekweld. The scope usually ends up rather high. A fixed-power scope works best.
The M17S ia short and handy, and is easy to strip and clean. It handles any good 55 grain .223 load, though mine tends to have cycling problems with Winchesters 45 grain Varmint load.
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This might help, it's a review I found on the internet:


From my understanding, the design of the reciever is not like the ar-15 (could be a good thing).

My only advice: If you want a postban bullpup rifle, go for the bushmaster. The Muzzelite bullpup stocks (for mini's/etc.) are toys ( I bought one )
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Here are some good tidbits on the Bushmaster M17S (fondly called the "Bushpup"):

M17S Frequently Asked Questions:

The Bushmaster M17S Manual (must have Adobe Reader):

From Bushmaster's catalog:
The most exciting multi-purpose firearm available, and the only non-banned, American-made Bullpup on the market! Use it for home defense; varmints, Saturday afternoon plinking - it does it all! Built by Bushmaster to our highest quality standards with Extended 2 Year Parts and Labor Warranty, Bushmaster's M17S Bullpup is a lightweight, short stroke piston, gas operated, self compensating, air cooled, magazine fed, semi-automatic rifle. In American Survival Guide, Paul Hantke wrote: “Short barreled rifles and smaller carbines designed from scratch have been around forever, and the next generation of design, The Bullpup, puts it all together in the most compact package yet”. And, “the shortest, handiest, yet legal little rifle around”. The gun “just seems to win over everyone that handles or fires it.”
Though it does include 25 meter open sights in the see-thru channel under the scope rail, the Bullpup is designed to be used with any popular scope, red dot sight, or night vision device, and its Picatinney type rail will accept them all. The .223 Rem. caliber, 21.5" barrel - hard chrome lined in both bore and chamber - offers competition accuracy in a gun with a total length of only 30". This beautifully simple rifle is easy to maintain - it's hinged push pin system quickly separates the upper and lower receivers allowing full access to all moving parts. Bushmaster's M17S Bullpup is shipped complete with a black web sling, a 10 round magazine, operation manual and warranty registration card - all in our foam lined, hard sided, Bushmaster carrying case.

All parts for the Bushmaster M17S Bullpup are readily available.
"A bold spirit embiggens the smallest man!"
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