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Yugo M70AB2 AK-47 Trigger Job

I just wanted to throw this out there for anyone who was interested. I picked up one of these variants B.O., (before Obama), before the price sky-rocketed on them. From the minute I got my M70AB2, I noticed that it had a crappy trigger. Every one of these for sale at the place I bought it had the same issue. This was even more apparent once I got to take her out and heat her up at the range. Alot of people are under the misconception that these rifles have this magical "bolt hold-open feature"...they don't. Your bolt is simply getting hung up on the hammer. That was one problem I had. The second problem was the disconnector was hanging up on the hammer after each shot so badly, that I literally had to push the trigger forward with my finger after every shot. The third problem, (which really is the main problem), is that Century Arms put a cheesy single hook trigger in a receiver cut and made for a double hook trigger. I did the obligatory disassembly and polishing job with a dremel tool on the parts in question and it did fix the problems enough to make the rifle shootable. This sufficed as I waited for the Tapco G2 double hook group that I'd ordered to arrive. Once it came in, I immediately made the switch and couldn't wait to see the difference. What a difference it was! Now the action on my rifle is slick as a minnow's ...well, you know..and that heavy trigger pull is now lighter with smooth creep and a crisp let-off. Now this rifle will get as much rangetime as my other AKs. As for the durability of these G2 trigger groups, I have a Romanian WASR, (that people who don't know what to look for when buying an AK will label a "piece of junk"), that has over 5,000 rounds through it and still fires as good as the day I got it. So if anyone is tired of trying to polish parts and rails and otherwise "fiddle" with their M70AB2 to get it to work its best, just install a G2 group and enjoy. Hope this helps somebody. Molon Labe!
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Good job. The G2 trigger sets that Tapco sells are one of their best products. I agree WASR's should get more respect. I had one for a while and I put a lot of trouble free rounds through. The friend I sold it to has been delighted with it. My only criticism concerning that rifle was the magazines wouldn't insert as easily as other AK's. WASR's really have a lot going for them for the price: made at the Romanian military arms factory, chromed barrel.
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I thought all Century Yugo's came with the G2 trigger. Did the one you replaced have any identifying mark?
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Well, mine didn't come with a Tapco G2, it came with a generic single hook set-up that was only marked with a letter "c". It may stand for "compliant" but I thought it stood for "crap". A friend of mine's M70AB2 DID come with a G2 though. Go figure. On magazine fit of the WASR, the "drunken monkies" from Century usually only seem to clean the mag well out good enough to fit the mag or 2 they ship it with. I had to clean a little out on my WASR's mag well with a dremel to make it accept all AK mags.
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