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Laser grips on 1911s

Hi, anyone else here use laser grips on their 1911s?

I have Crimson Trace laser grips on two of my 1911s and love them. They totally change my method of use for those pistols. Strong hand, weak hand, any position, they offer another option for a self defense 1911.

What I am finding is that by using the laser grips I can nail any location I choose much quicker than by using iron sights. The laser also lets me concentrate on the target (read threat) easier than using the iron sights. My accurate rate of fire is now orders of magnitude greater than when using iron sights.

I still occasionally practice using iron sights, but for my practical shooting work the laser sights have it all over the iron's. They laser especially shines (pun intended) during dim light situations. Practice with the laser has also improved my "muscle memory" where I can now do instinctive shooting much better than before adding the laser.

Anybody else here using laser sights? What is your experience?

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I have the crimson trace grips on my ccw ( springfield ultra compact). Luv em!

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I have this one that came with the crimson trace grips

DSCN0095 by jpetrak, on Flickr

I dont really use them but they would be extremely useful in home defense
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I've used CT Laser Grips on my girlfriend's G19. I'd love to have a laser on my Defender, but I'm not a fan of the Laser Grips. I'd much rather have LaserMax's guide rod laser, but they're only offered for weapons LM deems "worthy".

IMO, CT doesn't offer any grips that look good. I know, I know, it's a defensive pistol -- I get that -- but I prefer my Charcoal Dymondwood Half-Checkered grips to anything CT is making (aesthetically and functionally).

I'd like to see them offer a service where you send in your favorite grips and they machine them to make their product fit.
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