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1911 Picture Thread

Lets post some pics of 1911s.

Ever since I shot a 1911 back around 1984, I knew I wanted to own one. Like a lot of things in life, its one of those things that got neglected.

For my birthday my wife surprised me with a Remington 1911 R1.

Here are the pictures of my Remington 1911.

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1911 Picture Thread-remington-1911-r1-11312908.jpg   1911 Picture Thread-remington-1911-r1-11312903.jpg   1911 Picture Thread-remington-1911-r1-11312906.jpg   1911 Picture Thread-remington-1911-r1-11312905.jpg   1911 Picture Thread-remington-1911-r1-11312926.jpg  
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I'll confess that I got a little excited when I heard Remington was making the 1911 again. It's just one of those heritage things, and I always liked exploring the minute detail differences between all the models coming from different makers in WWII.

I have so many other things to spend the money on, so I must be content with my old pistol....

Early vintage Essex frame, G.I. surplus slide and barrel, XS express sights, McCormick trigger, wilson hammer, sear & disconnector, Wolff springs, stainless guide rod and jumbo barrel bushing, wrapped in Pachmeyr grips
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Kevin, Here is my Rock Island Armory 45 A sweet piece of iron to me. I have had this close to 35 years.
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1911 Picture Thread-rockisland45.jpg   1911 Picture Thread-ria45-clips.jpg  
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Originally Posted by Gem of a Jenn View Post
Kevin, Here is my Rock Island Armory 45 A sweet piece of iron to me. I have had this close to 35 years.
Thank you for sharing your pics.

The Rock Island was my first choice before I bought my Remington 1911 R1.

But now that I have the Remington, I am looking at buying the Rock Island Tactical 1911
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Nice Remington Kevin!

I love 1911s, here's my Kimber Goldmatch.

Anyone who says he can see through women is missing a lot.
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Sunday evening, my wife and I took a trip to a sand pit on the deer lease. I probably fired off 100 rounds of Winchester, federal and Remington ammo over the course of an hour.

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Springfield Mil Spec

Here's my Stainless Mil Spec. It's now my new favorite blaster.

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RIA Novak Tactical 1911

Nearly a 1000 rounds of various ammo ( mostly 230gr.)
No FTF FTL and a pleasure to shoot.
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1911 Picture Thread-my-babies-001.jpg  
Sold all EVIL guns at gun show!
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look good got a sti 9 mm about 3 weeks ago so far it shoots good
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I grew up around other family members' 1911 guns. They were all either U.S. military contract models or commercial Colt Government Models. I can't recall the first time I ever fired one but it must have been around 1970 or 1971.

The first one, a World War I era Model 1911 reworked in World War II by Augusta Arsenal. Was purchased as a 21st birthday present to myself in 1978. There is also a Remington Rand 1911A1 kept around here but I don't seem to have a photo of it saved.

Purchased this Colt Series 70 Gold Cup brand new in 1981 or 1982 though it was manufactured in 1979.

More recently acquired this commercial Colt Government Model as sort of a "daily driver" for concealed carry purposes. It predates the Series 70 time period.

Just for fun. The first Colt .45 automatic wasn't the 1911 but rather the Model 1905. This shabby example is still in good shooting condition.

This one's just thrown in. I'm keeping my youngest son's Rock Island while he's deployed with the USMC. This pistol is quite impressive and a good value for the money. It seems to retain the spirit of the U.S military models. It came with a really nice trigger, is very accurate, and has proven to be dependable over the past 4 years. A friend of mine has had one just like it for 5 years. It also has all the same fine attributes with trigger, accuracy, and dependability.
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Springfield Loaded

I always enjoy looking at photos of other folks' 1911's & thought I'd finally share a picture of mine. Springfield Loaded, with VZ Black Desert Sand Operator Grips. This is one sweet shooter!!!!

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This is my RIA Tactical w/rail. Sweet shooting and the Hogue grips feel wonderful.

Jerry C.
1972 - 1993
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Guess I'll join in...

My first 1911. I've run a lot of rounds through others, but never had one of my own.

Colt Defender .45ACP, the day I brought it home:

About 100 rounds through it now (money and time seem to be mutually exclusive), and had to intentionally limp-wrist it to induce a stovepipe. Bought some nickel Gov't/Commander mags and X-Grips for that "one more round" in my EDC.

Planning on laminate (wood) grips and night sights, then leaving it the hell alone!
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Arizona Style!

Made in Prescott, AZ!

"In God We Trust"
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The government is a early Springfield Armory (SA) 1911-A1 and the commander is a American Tactical Importer FX45 GI1911 (ATI). Was looking at getting a Colt 70 series Combat Commander like I had years ago but for the price of the Colt I got these two. The SA I can tear a hole the size of a golf ball at 25' ft. that with a little more practice I'm sure I can get to a quarter. The ATI is about the same as the SA other then with the shorter sight radius I'll need a little more practice. Other then that I've very happy with my purchases, no they'll probably never be investment grade like the Colt, but getting two for the price of one is a far better in my way of thinking.

Let the kids worry about what they might get for them after I'm gone!

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My Para P1445 double stack

Added Hogue grips
Full length spring guide
New barrel bushing
Using Mec-gar and para mags
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In my last post I said I would have to be happy with my old war horse. I lied!
I picked this up a few weeks ago and just finished my own customizing. I have a new love! (but I'll never get rid of my old war horse)

Sig Sauer C3
swithched the 3 white dots for tritium
Kim Ahrends slim grip panels, Cocobolo with smooth finish and ball milled grooves and stainless screws
X-Grip finger extension
arched aluminum mainspring housing

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I'll play

Here is our Kimber Custom Carry II we got recently. I love this gun!!!

DSCN0095 by jpetrak, on Flickr

And dang is it accurate!!
581 Series 18.5'' Mini 14 Ranch Rifle SS
Henry .22 S/L/LR Frontier
Kimber Custom Carry II 1911
Savage Mark II FVT
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3 of my 4 rocks

sorry about the pics crappy cell phone
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1911 Picture Thread-gavin-171.jpg  
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I recently purchased a Sig 1911 ultra .45 for my carry piece.This is my first 1911. It feels great on recoil and balance.I put about fifty rounds through it of 230 gr. feild rounds no problem.I did have the slide lock engage while empting a clip of hydro shock hollow points.No jam just lock came up. Just wondering if anybody else has seen this with 1911's. Any adjustments out there?
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My Kimber Custom II TLE and Springfield Loaded
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My Para CCW LDA 3 inch barrel double action only custom carry gun it shoots about an inch at 25 and feeds empty cases by the full clip. The mag well is cut down to grip width and all of the edges are broken with a little bling on the hood. She be a seven shot 45 ACP that will feed the 45 Auto Rim 252 gr SWC Cast bullet. I am waiting for the bone grips to arrive.
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1911 Picture Thread-para-ord-45-custom-r-side-bench.jpg  
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Kimber Custom Target

This is my only 1911. It's a first year Kimber Custom Target (extremely low serial number). It was accurized by Ton Kidd and fitted with a hand lapped barrel bushing. Tested 1.5" at 25 yards. Over the years it's been modified a lot:

Hard Chrome finish (that's not stainless)
Throated Chamber
Polished feed ramp
Ultralite magnesium/titanium trigger assembly
Oversized Mag Well
Tungsten Guide Rod
Shimmed rear sight
Wolff Springs
Wilson Combat Bulletproof extractor

A gun is like a parachute: If you need one and don't have one, you won't be needing one again.
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1911, 1911 45acp, 45acp, remingon 1911, rock island, rock island 1911

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