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Naqam Qum
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To each his own; it's still a (sort of) free country.
I can buy 4 ft of 1891/30 Mosin rifle with another 2 ft of bayonet for about the same price, so I confess I cannot see any point to it, but I'm happy to be educated by those who do.
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Personally, I'm a 12 gauge pump kind of guy when it comes to home defense... But if you use a pistol for home defense and want a blade on it "just in case", then why not.
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The whole is less than the sum of its parts in this case.

If I am shooting a pistol, I wouldn't want something like that hanging on the end of it, and if I need a knife I certainly would rather have it not mounted on a pistol while I am trying to use it.
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obviously you guys dont use your pistols as kung fu weapons like me....
Good? Bad? Im the one with the (Assault Rifle).
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If I had to, I think just wacking the goblin with the gun, should do it.
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Pistol bayonet????????????????

You'll shoot your eye out, kid.
The 2nd Amendment protects the individual citizen from Tyranny. Whether that Tyranny originates from our own Government, common criminals, Progressive Liberalism,
or foreign invaders, is irrelevant.
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Would says don't take a knife to a gun fight?
"A strong body makes the mind strong. As to the species of exercises, I advise the gun... Let your gun therefore be your constant companion of your walks."
Thomas Jefferson
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