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Anyone with a para lda .45 in the nyc metro area?

I'm seriously considering purchasing either a Carry 12 or Tac Four but would like to test fire one or both models before committing. If anyone in the NYC Metro area (NYC/Nassau/Westchester/Bergen/Putnam/Rockland/Lower Ct) with either model would permit me to test fire theirs, I'd gladly come to you and pay any range fees, supply the ammo, target and a cup of coffee. PM me with replies. Thanks.
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I'm up in NH, but own a Carry 12. Prior to the Carry 12, I had a Para P12.45 (blued), which I loved, but the spur on the grip safety kept digging into my side when carried in an IWB holster. When the Carry 12 came out, I traded in the P12.45 and a couple other low-end pistols for it. I've never looked back! Same form factor, same mags, same holsters, stainless, better sights, and much more comfortable to carry.

Comparing the trigger on the P12.45 and the Carry 12, the Carry 12's LDA is smooth and crisp, and the break is real short a nice improvement over the P12.45. Recoil isn't nearly what you'd expect in a 3.5 bbl, but having the weight from the stainless frame and slide makes it quite manageable. The "Power Extractor" on the newer Para's is a definite improvement over the older, more conventional 1911-style extractor.

Definitely get out and shoot the Carry 12 and/or the Tac Four (which I haven't fired), and I'm sure you'll be quite happy. Only consideration would be the means of carry you plan to use...When loaded up 12+1 with the double stack, some people feel that it's too heavy or bulky. Personally, being 6' and 250 it doesn't print any more than my cell phone when my shirt is tucked out.

Good luck to you!

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Thanks, I alternately carry either a 9-shot Glock .45GAP or a 16-shot Beretta 92D 9mm, so I don't think weight will be an issue. I really want to assess the LDA trigger, double-stack hand-fit/grip-feel and recoil compared to my Glock and beat up Govt. 1911.
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